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J.HamiltonIt is my pleasure to host this site and ground the energies of those committed to the unfolding of the potential of the planet on which we live.  Needless to say, it begins with you and me and a few tricks along the way.  The differing types of technology can be quite helpful in this next iteration of humanity expressing itself. 

It will be our intention to end up with access to an ancient technology called Unconditional Love, a means by which we become increasingly and thoroughly in alignment with Source.  This is accomplished through an understanding of the formula “Law of Attraction and nonresistance.”  Interestingly, this formula does end with the traditional equals “something.”  This is because this formula takes us beyond “getting and doing and having,” i.e., beyond linear and instead drops us off at “being.”  -more on this later.

Understanding the difference between focus and intention is a good place to start.  Intention offers a much broader “bandwidth” for accomplishing our goals.  And it is in this broader bandwidth that we become able to invite Innate Intelligence to partner in our outcomes which is the beginning of learning how to unfold our lives in a far more useful manner.  As we get the hang of this, we become exponentially more contributive; we become what I like to call “usefully influential.” 

  • “One person connected to Source is more powerful than one million who are not.” – Abraham of Abraham-Hicks Publishing
  • One individual at 700 balances out 70 million people below 200 according to Dr. David Hawkins PhD’s Map of Consciousness as published in Power vs Force.

For example:

“I want a new red convertible” is focus only.
“I want a new red convertible because I love the wind in my face” offers a bit of a mixture between focus and intent. 
(“I want wind in my face” is focus.)
“I want to feel wonderful every day” or “I see peace,” “I want joy in my life” or “I am satisfied” is intention.  Gratitude carries the power of intention.

How we accomplish our goals is beyond us (literally)!  With vision, we set our intention and learn to look for evidence (receptivity) of our wishes being fulfilled as we allow Innate Intelligence to contribute its knowing part.  It is in intention, i.e., a broader bandwidth than focus, that we more capably invite Innate Intelligence to partner with us in our reality creating.  And, one final note, the higher the quality the intention, the more Universal Forces we summon.  This can better be understood by review of the Map of Consciousness.  -and, of course, more on this later.

Our job becomes one of receptivity to our greater good and thusly we become able to contribute to the rest of the planet.  Our job becomes to release the tension, trauma, resistance and protectionism that keep us from being open to receive.  Because we are afraid of the unknown, the source of all things, we shut down from expressing our potential – from receiving and displaying our potential.  The purpose of VisionariesLab and COREresonance is to support people in making this transition.  -more on this later.

Clearly, “how we want to feel” rather than “how we get” is the beginning of understanding this difference.  As we realize that the Unknown is the source of everything, and to give up our fear and doubt and resistance so that we may access the Unknown , we arrive at our solution.  All we need is a bit of coaching and insight into the process so that we can make this transition as easily as possible. : )

I recommend reading Visionaries Thrive In All Times (VTAT) with this transition in mind.  Chapter 9, Intention covers important subtleties of Dr. Hawkins’ work including the Map of Consciousness.  Further, the core of VTAT includes Chapters 6 (Law of Attraction), Chapter 7 (Deliberate Creation) and Chapter 8 (Law of Allowing) and Chapter 9, all important components of making this transition.  Highly recommended

I also recommend COREresonance, an eBook that further introduces the subject.  It is suggested that this goal of nonresistance and access to Unconditional Love may be available in as little as two-years and possibly even less time.  And once you are on the track… you are on track.

I also identify the path I discovered as I unfolded my own potential.
In a matter of ten points it can be identified at COREresonance/Coaching.

Wishing you well.

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