The Twelve: 12.21.12 A New Beginning

 “That which is impenetrable to us really exists. Behind the secrets of Nature remains something subtle, intangible, and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion.”
–Albert Einstein

I recently finished The Twelve: 12.21.12 a New Beginning by William Gladstone.  Without giving the book away, toward the end, page 258 states:

“Time has ended, and a new era will now begin,” the One said.  “The great shift has occurred.  Nothing will change, and yet everything will change.”
(And the next paragraph…)

This is the great mystery.  Everything will change and nothing will change.  Nothing will change but everything will change.  How can this be?  Luckily, this is exactly what my work is about.  This is what I glimpse and have been able to document.  Further, I can demonstrate this concept and the nature of this transition.

 It begins with recognition that humans inadvertently create their realities with fear and doubt at their foundation.  Human reality creating is glued together with fear and doubt because of its inability to process its experiences, i.e., the overall whole (the known and the unknown).  Thus humanity retreats and creates automated, habitual, reactionary and defensive responses to life.  Because little can be built upon this kind of foundation, humanity is about to destroy itself—and rightfully so.  

Handily, reality creating built with fear and doubt has no real substance because it is not a match for what is true.  Human reality creating as such is more of an aberration of Nature and if not for the constant reaffirmation of our dysfunctional perspectives, would simply fade back to dust.[i]  Human reality creating serves little purpose other than as a reflection of the state of humanity’s present level of evolvement, i.e., a kind and loving nonjudgmental example of cause and effect. 

Everything else on this planet is in perfect sync with the Cosmos; everything from the sub-orbital particle to the solar system and larger, embraces “resonance” with its creator.  Humans are “incoherent,” i.e., their nervous systems are out of tune[ii] for which we are out of sync with, first ourselves and correspondingly, the Cosmos.  Thus, every other living thing and inanimate thing is in perfect alignment with “the overall whole” while the human is in a state of separation and dysfunction.  Every other thing is in a state of Unconditional Love with its surroundings.  This means every other living and inanimate thing lives life with no barriers, no fear, no doubt, no resistance; only acceptance and resonance with the overall whole.

My work is about taking an incoherent nervous system and allowing it to reorient itself to coherence, i.e., balancing the frequencies of the brain and restoring coherence in the brain and nervous system.  In doing so, resonance with the Cosmos ensues as our natural state.  Jesus, Yeshua, Easa,[iii] among many other prophets, poets and sages of our past, taught this.  Unconditional Love, nonresistance and allowing is the way home.  Resistance, foundational to our success as a species for so very long, no longer has a use. 

And when one understands the exponential multiplier associated with advancing consciousness and an intact connection with Source, humanity has a very clear way forward. 

By the way, I associate time, resistance and the mind as one and the same.  With our incoherent brains, in our inability to see whole, we set up the mind as a repository of habitual, automated and reactionary responses to the world around us.  In the brain’s inability to process life; in the brain’s inability to process the unknown, it shuts down (freezes flow) and instead issues habitual and reactionary responses to what it comes in contact with.  In this defensive posture, and against the world and the Cosmos, it establishes resistance.  In resistance, we have time.  

Balancing the brain and regaining coherence within the nervous system allows us to move away from resistance and toward Love.  Love is simply that openness that comes from no fear because we have a new means of processing the world.  Without fear, we embrace wholeness.  In wholeness, we have no need for resistance.  When we have no resistance, we have no need for the mind.  When we have no need for the mind, there is no time.  

Unconditional Love becomes our Gateway and portal to our shared connection with, not only the Cosmos, but every other living and inanimate thing.

Bill’s book depicts this. 

Sending you Love, naturally.


[i] Reality built with weak intent (attractor fields of fear, anger or pride, i.e., below 200), is minimally effective, minimally purposeful and minimally life-sustaining. Furthermore, this sort of reality is minimally held together as compared to nature’s standard for gluing reality together.  If it weren’t for the observational aspect and endless loop scenario common to our everyday existence, these poor quality realities would readily fade back to dust as they meet only the barest minimums of life and existence. In other words, Source supports these weak attractor fields and corresponding results at the barest levels as we maintain and “support” these realities by our inadvertent “observer” status as fledgling creators. We create the vast bulk of our realities with unconscious intent, unconscious consent and poor quality habitually held beliefs and attitudes.
— Excerpt from Visionaries Thrive In All Times (2005)
   Chapter 9 Intent, Page 161
   © 2005-2009 J.Hamilton

 [ii] Imagine a beautiful grand piano with its multiples of strings and hardwoods and tuning pegs and glue, and imagine not only the coherence of the strings being finely tuned in relation to each other but the resonance delivered when the strings are played as a whole. Now imagine dropping this very fine and heavy instrument. (Hurts, doesn’t it? It’s because we relate to a finely tuned piece of equipment!) Clearly, it would take a great deal of work to get the piano back into tune, if it can even be accomplished. The human being is very similar except that instead of strings and glue, we have a very sophisticated (and flexible) nervous system that is capable of self-healing if given the proper resources.
— Excerpted from CORE Resonance (2009 eBook)
   Chapter 9, Nuts and Bolts, Page 44
   © 2009 J.Hamilton

[iii] The Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan

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