Instead, we seek individual who can grasp new ideas

I can understand your consternation about what appears to be so distinct a solution, if but people would listen.  Of course, one cannot preach to those who cannot hear.  And those who are in the pain of not knowing what to do are in the pain of not knowing what to do.  And if this is the case, you have not found your audience. 

It is much easier to seek out an audience who are pro-active or attempting a solutions-orientation, but one can even go farther than that.  Instead, find individuals who are actively attempting to change themselves instead of their surroundings.  Individuals bent on personal empowerment, individuals less interested in what is going on in the outside world and more interested in following the dictates of what is true for them.  Because we all have access to inner guidance, those who practice the unfolding of their nature by learning how to listen “within” is your audience best found.  Those are the ones who can best hear you.  But I am not sure your sense of the solution is the solution. 

Innate Intelligence is behind everything.  Innate Intelligence begets Innate Guidance which is behind every aspect of life and living and unfolding.  If you are not sure about this, watch the trees turning green or flowers appearing in the spring time.  Better than that, review the trees themselves, or any member of the plant or animal or mineral kingdom; there is a huge amount of order to be found.  In fact, all is in order—except for the humans.  And this is because the humans are trying to do it on their own.  They have inadvertently disabled what was once an intact connection with Innate Intelligence—something the plant, animal and mineral kingdom are completely dependant on, and wing it on their own. 

It is my speculation that the church attempted to intervene with what was once a direct link the humans had with their Creator.  As the church attempted to become a middle man in this connection something important was lost.  And when that something was lost, humanity began to lose its way.  And since then, humanity has been processing the world on its own; to use its brains to attempt to make heads and tails of the world, and attempt to understand its surroundings for quality choices and decisions.  The only problem is the brain does not have the processing horsepower to process the world.  The brain is insufficient to process the man-made world and our daily experiences, and the brain is certainly unable to process the unknown!  And when we consider the unknown comprises about 99.9 percent of everything, can we see the predicament of humanity.

Sans its intact connection with Innate Guidance (common to every other life form on the planet), humanity was on its own.  And as the brain discovered it was ill-equipped for the job at hand, it set up the mind as a repository of automated, habitual and reactionary responses to everything it encountered.  As we discovered the safety and comfort of our automated, habitual responses to the world, we got further off track.  Underneath it all, fear and doubt and resistance became our foundation.  Not only were our brains insufficient for the task; we were creating dysfunctional realities based on fear, doubt and resistance to unperceived and unimaginable foes and issues.  And so it goes for humanity.

Therefore, it is impossible to talk to individuals who have no frame of reference and lead them to something that makes sense – if for no other reason, to attempt to cater to their minds leaves no capacity for an exchange of ideas.  The mind represents little more than resistance and rote habitual and reactionary patterns.

Instead, we seek individuals who can grasp new ideas; individuals whose conscious evolvement has allowed them to recognize that the standardized, rote system set in place by government, the mores taught by friends and families, and the herd belief mentalities established by society are not the solution.  For those who are willing to delve within, they can have access to what our gut is telling us about what is true.  Those who would contribute to change and a better world are those who have learned to tell the difference between fear and knowingness (truth).  To re-enable their connection with Innate Intelligence for which Innate Guidance again becomes available is how we survive and flourish into the future.  And, in this audience, do you have a potential for effecting change.

But change is different for everybody and this is the beauty of the unfoldment of the species.  Otherwise, a one-stop solution for everybody becomes a heart with a steady beat that beats with the monotony of a pace that has no dance, no life, no openness and no untold possibilities of solution.  A healthy heart beat is not the same as that established by the electronic pacemaker.  A healthy heart dances and the beat rises and falls based on excitement, adventure, sorrow, joy and exuberance.  There is not one heart beat for all.

CORE Resonance understands the above.  Re-enabling our connection with Source is the only solution.  Re-enabling our connection with the family of life on this planet is our only possible safety.  The reinvention of ourselves by re-enabling our partnership with Innate Intelligence is our only way forward and we cannot continue to attempt to go it alone.  Revitalizing our connection with Innate Intelligence allows the issues of the world to be processed in our behalf.  This includes the known and the unknown and extends far beyond what we could ever accomplish on our own.  “Solutions abound if but we could see.”

Further, Innate Intelligence is all that there is; all that is true.  Innate Intelligence is what expresses itself through each and every living and inanimate thing on this planet and beyond.  Innate Intelligence is what underlies our nature and it is the conscious reestablishment of this connection that humanity moves back into alignment with a system of success that has always been there, will always be there and readily becomes available once again, once we make that choice. 

And interestingly, this is what is happening anyway.  Innate Intelligence’s drive for the unfolding of its own nature is what is driving the shift in mankind’s choices.  For those with ears to hear, or nervous systems refined enough to detect, many are quietly responding to a new way to address issues.  Peace and nonresistance and allowing are slowly making their way to front and center.  Since the 1970’s, there has been an ever increasing interest in meditation and the many variations of introspection, and in this introspection will the humans come into alignment with their very nature or we will resist themselves right off the planet.

The healthy human nervous system, “a living antenna system of sorts,” collects information from the Cosmos.  But when it is unavailable, it resorts to processing the world on its own and goes into overload.  Losing sight of the rhythms of the Universe and the pulsings and comings and goings of energy and information that every other living and inanimate thing shares, we get out of sync with our very nature.  But by re-enabling this connection, humanity retakes its rightful place as the most sophisticated nervous system on the planet.  And we begin to do what we are most capable of doing—delivering and expressing Innate Intelligence through a refined and coherent nervous system.

We have come to see that the human brain is in enormous overload.  If one were to measure the frequency of a pair of lobes in the brain, we find the frequencies out of balance by 30 – 50 percent or 300 percent and even 1500 percent.  Obviously, brains on their own, out of their connection with Source, out of balance and in overload, create very dysfunctional realities – especially against the backdrop of Nature’s capacity to produce realities in an order and synchronicity that knows no bounds.  A human brain on overload creates realities similar to a garden hose with the water pressure full on and the hose snaking all over the yard spewing water everywhere. 

An out of balance brain is also the source of the many variations self-mediating that are so prevalent in the world today.  I define self-medicating as attempting to change one’s state but having no reference for a healthier state.  Generally, self-medicating is a reactionary perspective based on a sense of disconnection.  Common forms of self-medicating include caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, pharmaceutical and street drugs, television, reactive shopping, rage, suicide, need for attention, etc.  A balanced nervous system has no need for any of the above. 

By way of example, alcohol is commonly used in a group environment to bring individuals to a similar state.  While their moods and energy may have been far different before converging for a “happy hour” event, once alcohol is added they generally move to a commonality they all share, i.e., a slight or not so slight state of inebriation and putting their cares aside.  Group prayer can do the same thing; to bring individuals to a commonality of sharing.  Meditation is also self-medicating but obviously changing one’s state can be a positive event.  Self-medicating does not have to be destructive, but usually is.

CORE Resonance is about balancing the brain and nervous system and re-enabling the natural state of connection we each share with Source (and each other).  Our ultimate aim is to become 100 percent-enabled throughput devices for Innate Intelligence to fully express itself into this dimension – for which we get the rides of our lives, supporting and delivering solutions all the while.  As we give up our protection against what we don’t know, as we give up our defensive postures and resistance to the unknown, our world’s blossom and synchronicity, happenstance and order become our way of being.  Most importantly, we become exponentially useful to the whole and powerfully counterbalance those who engender dysfunction, continue to fight what is wrong or those who are simply paralyzed. 

As we become throughput devices for Innate Intelligence to express itself into this dimension, we offer an exponential contribution to the world and this compensates for those who are mired in fear and doubt.  According to Dr. David Hawkins, MD, PhD, author of Power vs Force and the Map of Consciousness, consciousness operates within a hierarchy of order and the more conscious we are, the more order we contribute to the unfolding of the order in the planet.  As we move closer to nonresistance and unconditional love, as we have less fear and doubt and less resistance, as we more capably express Innate Intelligence, we deliver solutions and order beyond what we could ever accomplish on our own.  And through this mechanism, we deliver the next iteration of success on behalf of the species. 

Because of this exponential multiplier, there is no need to move 51 percent (or even 75 percent) of the population to action to avert a coming catastrophe.  Individuals, in silent consensus (conscious consentience), with Innate Intelligence flowing through their refined, aligned and coherent nervous systems, share a camaraderie and an intact connection with Innate Intelligence, i.e., resonance and we effect solutions far beyond whatever could every be conceived or imaged on our own. 


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