Anything for Golf (continued)

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That the trauma is from our earliest years or even passed as heredity is beside the point. We are the product of two main factors, 1) our blood-line lineage including hard-earned variations of survival chiseled into our DNA, etc., and 2) our environment which includes our parents and the world we grew up in. There is another factor, 3) the Innate Driving Force that drives all of life. CORE Resonance calls it Innate Intelligence. We are also the product of 4) conscious awareness, i.e., our potential, but most of us live lives of survival methodologies and reaction and resistance to what we are unable to master or comprehend. Most of us do not reach anything close to our potential though we may achieve variations of comfort in our lives.

It is important to understand the underlying nature of the Innate Driving Force because it attempts to deliver through the incoherence of our nervous systems for which we express a great deal of distortion in our lives. It’s like the gas in our tank. Imagine life expressing itself through a damaged, incoherent nervous system and we can understand the distortion, dysfunction, reactionary thinking and just plain bad ideas that seem to abound today. It would be similar to looking through a telescope or microscope that has been dropped. And, if we wish to fix the planet, ourselves or fix our game, we need to clean up our nervous system and produce less distortion.


The ultimate aim of CORE Resonance is to deliver individuals to coherence, flow and resonance with their surroundings, something described since the beginning of time. And to become one with one’s surroundings, to have true peace with one’s environment, takes a great deal of awareness as well as clearing beliefs and values that no longer serve us..

With proprietary exercises from CORE Resonance Training, we can put the brain/nervous system into an environment that allows it to see how it fires and clean itself up! Itself! Interestingly, the nervous system stores what it cannot process. Trauma is information the nervous system is unable to process at the time and instead, stores (for later processing during sleep or as more information becomes available). But stored trauma affects the skeletal system, distorts the musculature and coordination, as well as our capacity to think and turn out proper solutions. It affects “our game.”

Presently, CORE Resonance is putting its attention on the prefrontal lobes of the brain. The prefrontal lobes are the part of the brain that interpret these words and paragraphs and formulates the ideas and intent of the author. The prefrontals are the portion of the brain that allow us to speculate, to have resolve, to choose a focus and to have the horsepower of follow-through. Visionary thinking and the capacity to stay on track is sourced in the prefrontals. Further, the prefrontals of human beings are far larger than any other animal on the planet and thus the source of many of the attributes of being human.

By enhancing the prefrontals we can expect to see an enhanced capacity for resolve and direction, better follow-through, enhanced motivation, refined compassion and empathy, clearer thinking, a much higher capacity for focus, and improved memory. One can also

“see” into their decision-making processes and make better choices because they can see farther down the line of different choices and decisions. We can become better humans at any game!

There is also the capacity for enhanced intelligence as measured by intelligence testing, impulse management, anxiety reduction, the reduction of pain and migraine headaches, as well as addressing age-related issues, etc.

With the “game of life” or any game for that matter, we have a series of exercises/protocols to enhance this very important part of the brain. Similar to physical exercise, CORE Resonance Training’s LongView™ Protocol increases blood flow, oxygenation and nutrients for which new blood vessels begin to form (angiogenesis) to continuously enhance this ever-important aspect of the brain. Therefore, these exercises are capable of long term results and effect – often at a very important point in one’s life.

Importantly, we do not imprint or plant signals or frequencies, nor do we program the brain in any manner. Instead we give it a type of exercise that allows it to revise itself! And, as our perspective improves, so does the world (and your game).

For more information, please contact CORE Resonance below.

Jim Hamilton

CORE Resonance Training

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