anything for golf?

Do you know someone who would do

Anything for Golf?

–© 2011 J.Hamilton

Ted Grussing Photography (C)2011  Oakcreek Country Club Golf Course, Sedona ArizonaLuckily, anything and everything is not required to create an enhanced platform (the mind) for the game, and luckily it is relatively easy to accomplish. You see, “the game,” is a mind game and to get the mind in its best possible configuration to achieve its best success is the goal of CORE Resonance Training. Getting to the core of your nature and unleashing your hidden reserves creates the stability for not only your golf game, but the “game of life,” or any game, for that matter.  

Your nervous system is central to anything you experience, think, have or do. And within the incredible complexity of one’s nervous system there is a great potential for different kinds of damage and distortion (incoherence). With miles and miles of very complex nerve pathways, there is often a great deal of mischief and the source of this mischief is held trauma and accordingly, corresponding beliefs, values and outcomes. This affects “your game” and shows up as distortion in your life, on the fairways or highways, in your relationships, etc.

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