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2011: year of illumination

April 15, 2011

contact juggling

April 12, 2011

the revolution has begun

April 3, 2011

from a friend: If you do not want to watch it all then scroll to 6:45 min and watch for 1:30 min.  They are showing how observations from G.O.E.S. satellites which track the electromagnetic field of the Earth… Within 15 min after 9/11 it showed a huge spike (an abnormal reading).  Would this then not imply that the collective consciousness directly affects the electromagnetic field of the Earth?  Do you agree?  
Now that should be considered real news because it has huge implications does it not?
Like… what we think collectively affects us as well as the planet we live on and that maybe these events happening on the planet are in fact related to how imbalanced the collective unconsciousness is as a whole?

there is hope for 2012

April 3, 2011

From a friend: I found it interesting that although overall crime rates have decreased… people are more afraid… not less… I am guessing due to mass media and how they repeat the same story over and over again driving people into fear… affecting peoples unconscious perceptions of what is real and what is not.  In turn I am guessing this would then also have negative effects on the overall state of the collective consciousness.  It seems to take a great deal of work to not be so affected by this collective consciousness.