Huge Benefits

CORE Resonance is my big project and it offers huge benefits.  While I have been meditating for 37 years, it wasn’t until I employed this technology that my personal consciousness advancement went straight through the roof.  It took a while to figure out what was going on but as we clean up the brain, as the brain becomes coherent, as the brain becomes able to process the world better, we move from fear of the unknown to nonresistance and allowing.  In nonresistance, we move away from resistance as a defensive posture and begin to let the order of life into our lives. 

Another way to say it is as we move to nonresistance, we begin to re-enable our connection with Source/Innate Intelligence.  As this connection becomes re-enabled, Innate Guidance shows up and we are able to relax even more—letting Innate Guidance process the world in our behalf and the harmony and order of life begins to become quite apparent.  There is an order that every living and inanimate thing shares, but with our self-styled, fear based, nervous system out-of-tune with the Cosmos resistance, we miss it. 

As we begin to align with “an order that knows no bounds” our lives begin to move in synchronicity, harmony and order.  The goal is full access to the Unknown, otherwise, known as Unconditional Love.  : )  Ultimately, we are a mechanism by which Innate Intelligence expresses itself into this dimension, for which we are “awareness.”  If we play our cards right and are very lucky, we can spawn off as a new life form, hence the concept of ascension.  Visionaries Thrive In All Times has some good remarks about this in the chapter Vision, I believe. 

For further information, go to
and check out Components of CORE Training.  I would also read DOMA: Autobiographical Notes in
and I would also recommend the eBook, CORE Resonance at


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