We Can Shift as a Species

Hi Aazura

In looking over your site I see the concept that we can shift as a species, if but we would put our attention to it. And, of course, this is true. CORE Resonance is about clearing the human nervous system of trauma and the associated defensive beliefs and postures, i.e., coherence and nonresistance, to allow Innate Intelligence to express itself through us into this dimension. After all, every living thing is no more than an expression of Innate Intelligence expressing itself anyway, right?

As we move to nonresistance, as we move toward Unconditional Love, as we allow Innate Intelligence to express through us (nonresistance/Unconditional Love allows us to access the Unknown), it delivers solutions because Innate Intelligence/the Cosmos is solutions-driven and will simply fill an opening like running water.

So, as we become expressions of Innate Intelligence expressing itself, solutions beyond the mind of man in sync and harmony with a larger order become available and we (the open humans) are the delivery portals. And, when you add the exponential multiplier as described in Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, there becomes a foundational understanding of how this can occur. CORE Resonance understands and addresses this.

It boils down to the power of Love, that capacity to embrace the whole without resistance for which we become an expression of the Universe expressing itself–something barely expressed and even less glimpsed, but available.

Great to be in touch and
Sending you Love, naturally

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