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Insight 101

December 20, 2009


I have been thinking about our telephone conversation from yesterday.There is only one answer to your predicament.  Surrender. Nonresistance, Unconditional Love and allowing the situation you are in, is the only way out. 

Sermon 101 ensues:
Your mind is useless other than to hold a vision of the end result –as best it can.  The mind is incapable of the larger picture; typically it can only see certain outcomes and it resists them.  

The potential is far larger than what the mind can see, and so in loving what is, loving the Momentum that you presently have, you begin the process of ending your mind’s limited contribution to your potential outcome (i.e., what you focus on expands) and re-invent the Momentum of the end result.  Because what you presently have is reality creating driven by mind-driven resentment, mind-driven interpretations and mind-driven errors—some of which work in your favor and others that do not.  And, you can only release what you have by loving what you have created thus far.  Hint: What you truly create are your habitual patterns!  

The only solution is to relax into what you have, find gratitude for what you have and allow larger solutions/outcomes to become available beyond the scope of your reactionary and habitual thinking.  You have to recognize that you are the sole source of what you have in your life and the only way out; the only way to have more is to stop examining what is going on that doesn’t work for you and instead allow.  There are solutions available that you can become receptive to, and you can’t do it while you are tuned into the problem. 

By the way, the purpose of this situation is to rebuild your habitual patterns to serve you better.  What you are actually experiencing is an upgrade.  The old habitual patterns/Momentum has run is course and is yielding unsatisfying results.  Your habitual patterns have give you what you have—some good and some bad.  And in the fight for new outcomes, you reestablish your patterns and things change.  Same thing over here.  So, hold a vision for the end result, i.e., happiness and joy and peace and love what you have no matter your circumstance. 

Loving what you have is the only way out.  How you deal with what you have now sets the pace for what is next.  So, hold a vision for the end result; how you want to feel and what that feels like and in the meantime do not allow polarity on what presently exists; instead love. 

Besides, do you really have a choice?
Hmm.. maybe it is all about choice instead of reaction! 



Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order

All You Need is Love

December 7, 2009