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Watch out, the edge is crumbly and long falls are harmful

November 24, 2009

2009 copyright J.Hamilton

I published What is Unconditional Love?” on  a blog at and it generated some interesting dialogue.  I thought the dialogue was great  and caught much of the essence of what I am attempting to convey, so I thought I might share it.

Let me know your thoughts..

Jagggwar says: While I understand you opinion, it is my experience that the mind can be saturated with what you refer to as “the unknown”. In that instance, actual detachment and alignment with all frequencies can exist within our consensual reality. Again, I call it Joy! 

I agree completely.  The question is how do you get there?  I don’t believe Joy is a mind-driven experience though I would agree that the mind can be saturated with it.  But I don’t think we can achieve Joy on our own though some people do naturally express it.  I think Joy is a product of an interchange with the Cosmos, the Order of things and a discovery of our true security.  I hope to lay out the case for this below. 

Also, we need to establish that we are both referring to the mind as the same thing.  I don’t give the mind too much credit : )  But it can be trained to head in the right direction and certainly joy is a powerful foundation for heading in the right direction : ) 

Jagggwar says: Have you begun mapping “the unknown” personally? Why do you think is it that we humans have chosen to process through the brain, when other entities don’t? I have an opinion, but I’m seeking yours. 

Yes, I have been mapping the Unknown for about three years now.  It is a process of nonresistance for which natural forces take shape in your life.  A good example is in nonresistance, once I move away from resistance and reaction to the world as it exists, once I find myself in nonresistance and at the precipice of Unconditional Love, the planets become huge in their influence.  I find astrology, which I know almost nothing about, to have become extremely accurate for me.  As I align with what is true (cannot be done by the mind or brain), the currents of the Universe begin to direct my circumstances, my experiences and my synchronicities, happenstances and order. 

I am also having the experience (a little more advanced) of Innate Guidance actually overriding some of my choices and actions.  Usually, these experiences are so subtle that trying to document them becomes a big project because a base of insight needs to be built to show the experience.  I start running out of the ability to describe at about that point other than WOW! Or Holy Sh*t.  Poor expression but that is the occasional utterance under my breath.  Used it walking away from something yesterday afternoon : )  I have another example/awareness about time that I mention below.  But certainly nonresistance takes us away from judgment, reaction and manipulation. 

2nd part of your remark, i.e., why the humans chose to process through the brain…  I believe it began with the church in, let’s pick 350AD.  The church could see the incredible resource of the human being/Source connection and attempted to waylay that resource through the church for its own power/use.  As the church became the intermediary between the humans and the Cosmos, we lost our intact connection with Innate Guidance and began to try to do it on our own.  As society grew; as we moved farther away from the rhythms and cycles and guidance of Nature and started trying to process more of the world on our own, we moved into overload.  And because the brain was never designed to process (it’s more of a receiver), it soon worked its way into overload.  Once it got into overload; once it realized it was incapable of making decisions because there was far too much information to assimilate, it set up the mind as a repository of automated, habitual, reactionary and rote responses to the world.  As the brain became overloaded, it established a defensive posture, became reactionary and here we are. 

With the brain on overload, there is a great deal of static and noise and incoherence and our connection with Innate Intelligence is further impaired.  This might be the source of the “story’ about reincarnation where we, for some reason, choose to “forget everything” when we come back.  To me, this is unlikely, though it seems to be of common agreement among those who accept reincarnation.  There is an assumed importance about ourselves.  I call it our “I”dentity.  The “I”dentity, similar to the Ego, is associated with the mind’s basic survival sans an intact connection with Source.

Jagggwar says: One of the problems with explanations is that they are only words. This is the greatest drawback that Seers and Mystics have faced throughout history. Some person, group, or lineage has found a way into Oneness. Then the attempt is made to teach that to others. The truth is… they have achieved that Oneness and they understand it completely from the perspective of One. The problem arises when they attempt to describe it to those that haven’t experienced it. It can’t be included in the human perceptual spectrum. It must be accomplished from the inside out.

Very well said.  Yes, real information cannot be transferred mind to mind.  Maybe Mind to Mind but that is different : ).  In the Mind to Mind scenario, knowledge is shared by that part of us that is not separated from Source.  Mind to Mind we share everything; there is no separation and we resonate to shared higher octaves.  It is knowledge but not knowledge driven from the mini perspective of the mind.

Jagggwar says: There are ways that humans can step outside of that spectrum. Sound bombardment, deep deep meditation, psychotropic intervention, and dreaming, etc. Any of those can break that barrier. To which do you adhere?

Another great question and thought.  I have done most of that and most of it induces experiences and glimpses and goads our continued search.  But anything graspable by the mind is immediately a limitation and thus I am opposed to any sort of human intervention.  Anything the human mind can conceive/project has inherent limitations because of its inability to grasp the bigger picture.  Count on it.  The human mind can, though, engender a first step or so to a place where it can begin to come face to face with the Cosmos.  But in writing that statement, I didn’t get it right.  What might be a more accurate statement is that some of us, by the luck of the draw, or built into our DNA, our yearning for connection is powerfully close to the surface. 

We can then manoeuvre the mind through a lifetime of posturing into a position to give us a hand in accomplishing our task.  Said another way, use the tools available to us (the mind) to facilitate something innate within us; something to be let out that comes from deeper than the human mind can go.  One of my VTAT chapters is about Momentum, i.e., how we create our realities by inadvertent established habitual patterns that bring us the limitations to our reality creating/our experiences.  By taking hold of the choices and decisions that produce our habitual patterns and establishing new habitual patterns with open-ended results, we start to spiral upward.  Add some refined Intention, allow Innate Intelligence to partner with us in our choices and decisions, refine out habitual patterns and our open-ended results a bit more and we are off and running.  I could safely say this is how I did it.  It is called establishing habitual patterns sans resistance and reacting to our outside world.  It is far more akin to relaxing, releasing and nonresistance, something the mind is deathly afraid of and hence the conundrum.

The first thing I teach is the difference between focus and intention.  Focus is generally of the mind, linear in its progression and powered by human effort and calories.  It also has a very narrow bandwidth.  All of the lower octave thinking is focus.  Jealously, rage, reaction, resistance, retaliation, need for security, up through pride, etc., are all focus.  One way to describe Intention is that it moves to a feeling nature.  Joy would fall into this category as an open-ended wish and possibility.  Better said, intention is capable of a higher value and beckons Innate Intelligence to become part of the mix where focus is much too rigid to engender potential outcomes.  In other words, Intention has a much broader bandwidth and allows/invites partnership with what I like to call Innate Intelligence.  At the very least, this allows for reality creating/outcomes beyond what we could produce on our own with the mind and focus alone.  So, intention is the first step.  You will find Joy well up the scale on Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness.  Joy without the mind to prop it up is a great place indeed!  My chapter 9 Intent of VTAT touches on this.

So ultimately, I am only interested in the kind of healing that induces Innate Intelligence and allows it to do its work.  While the above (sound, deep meditation, psychotropic, etc.) offers glimpses of what is out there, much of what is out there attempts to intervene by imprinting patterns or frequencies or dictating a result established or driven by the mind of man.  We can go much farther.  I read a few days ago that physical body wound healing is still not understood by science and medicine.  That is the system we aim to tap into and it is done by intention, generating a partnership with something larger than ourselves and creating an intentional partnership.  Now we are starting to get somewhere : )

I use a variation of neurofeedback I developed called CORE Resonance to engender coherence in what is otherwise an incoherent brain.  The brain is the single biggest part of the nervous system, and the nervous system is our connection with Source.  Not so different from a living antenna system according to my own insights.  But if the biggest single component of this living antenna system is “out of service,” i.e., static and noise and overload, the subtleties of Innate Intelligence and Innate Guidance are sure to be missed.  We put the brain into an environment to do exercises and in the success of the exercises, the brain becomes able to see itself (the feedback part of neurofeedback) and as the brain becomes able to see itself, and while the brain is in motion, it starts to rearrange itself.  Normally the brain’s insight is filtered by the mind and we know the mind is quite dysfunctional.  So, when we put the brain into an environment where it can see itself, it starts to rearrange itself, static and noise abates, coherence ensues and resonance becomes our ultimate state.  It’s natural, it dictates its own results, Innate Guidance becomes available, begins to kick in its own contributions, the mind fades, time fades, some of us are surprised to discover it is the 20th of the month and we become in sync with something far larger than ourselves.  And, it is a lot of fun.

Jagggwar says: Maybe there are many more species with a wide variety of perceptual talent here; even outside our range. I think that’s likely. It is also possible that other species we have examined are only being analyzed from our own perspective and judged by our own measurements. I am personally aware that certain prime animals are far beyond what we humans can readily accomplish!

That’s a great statement and comes from someone who has joy behind their perception.  The eyes of the typical human have huge limitations.  Just think of the federal government.  Particularly from a legal perspective, it is an artificial entity, actually a corporation and thus can only see other artificial entities because it only has artificial entity eyes.  That’s why corporations rule the roost.  The government has an affinity for its own kind.  Of course, the shortcoming is, artificial entities though they have inadvertently become the leaders, without nervous systems they are incapable of making good decisions, i.e., telling the difference between right and wrong. Duh!  Humans in their dysfunction, seeing through eyes of the mind’s interpretation of things also miss a great deal.  I think the solution is to plug back into our Innate Connection, become exponentially useful, deliver solutions, i.e., the next iteration of order, and get about the business of “bringing heaven to earth,” to quote an old girlfriend.

New leadership is as simple as plugging into a system of success that humans are capable of attaining and simply reestablishing order with the help of Innate Intelligence.  Maybe better said, Innate Intelligence establishes order on our playground with our help once we can ascend to our possibility  Clearly we become exponentially more useful when our connection is intact!

Jagggwar says: The idea that “the Universe is “solutions-driven” doesn’t ring true for me. Certainly humans are “solutions-driven”, but it appears that the universe(s) are consumption and transformation machines. Consuming, transforming that which has been consumed, and growing. Indeed, from the inside out, the Source is transforming the dual realm(s) into Oneness via manifestation!

I don’t think humans are solution driven by other than by what is at their back, not so much different from a tender green grass stem working its way up through a crack in the sidewalk on a hot summer’s day.  Humans in their naiveté are reaction driven.  They are subject to the state of their surroundings.  When things are good, they are good; when things are bad, they react.  It is a slow way to get things done but it has been working, albeit ever so slowly.  What is more interesting is what happens as the learning curve kicks in and we discover riding/partnering with this Order that we begin to glimpse. 

Ultimately Innate Intelligence is at the back of humans because humans are an expression of Innate Intelligence.  It is my belief that humans are no different from any other living or inanimate thing on the planet.  In other words, the only thing that is real is Innate Intelligence expressing itself in myriad ways, i.e., animal, plant or mineral kingdoms–for a start.  The only difference between these kingdoms and humans is none of these other forms “of life” have resistance.  None of them.  They all exist in perfect nonresistance as throughput expressions of Innate Intelligence, otherwise known as Unconditional Love.  No resistance, hence wide open and fully expressing that which is behind their very nature.   I believe quantum physics, string theory, etc., establish there is something going far beyond a mechanized universe.  If nothing else, the scale of the beauty and order, even from the eye of the human is apparent—though of course perceptions of the mind have to be suspect.  But our feeling nature is different from our mental nature; don’t we “feel” the grandeur of the sky and a rose?  Don’t we resonate with what is true?  Isn’t that a feeling?  By the way, according to my stuff, feelings and emotions are different.  Emotions come from belief systems—often inaccurate, feelings are associated with octaves of resonance that come from our connection with Innate Guidance : )    whew!

To me, the Universe is very alive and in our resistance, fear and doubt, we miss out on a great deal.  I have seen little use for resistance except as we came up through the ranks of becoming a species, i.e., watch out the edge is crumbly and long falls are harmful.  I can still find one use for resistance today: overcoming gravity for standing up or maybe resistance training exercise.  Interestingly, the better our posture, the less resistance is necessary against the forces of gravity and assumedly, less calories burned.  I think the ancients knew far more about the scale of the order that we even remotely begin to understand. 

Jagggwar says: When you say “Certainly, there are no problems the Unknown can’t handle.”, what exactly and specifically are you calling “the unknown”? Knowing that there is an infinite number of layers/frequencies, isn’t it too general to lump them into “the unknown”?

Another great thought.  I make a remark somewhere on my website that chaos does not exist.  It is simply a matter of a lack of perspective, for if chaos existed, what would be its boundaries?  Seems if chaos existed, it would engulf “order.”  On a Cosmic scale there is nothing but order as seen by the curious scientific community (and ancients prior to religions).  There is no disorder out there.  It’s one thing to speculate where humans came from, a bit of lightning, a bit of protein or an algae bloom, etc., but the proliferation of fruit and nuts and vegetables and other food stuffs, etc., springtime grasses for mother’s milk, where did all of that come from?  If we weren’t living in a completely ordered Universe, I don’t think it would work at all.

Once one gets far enough into the new physics, it becomes obvious there is no such thing as time.  In my experience, time is a man-made construct, i.e., a product of resistance which is a product of the mind.  Maybe this means when flow stops we have time.  So put the mind aside, replace it with Innate Guidance and time disappears.  I have experienced this extensively.

Because there is no such thing as time, everything that is known, or ever will be known, already exists.  This can be validated with dowsing or kinesiology–assuming the practitioner is capable of neutrality and there is high enough quality inquiry as well as the latest science.  (Hawkins says about 200+ on his Map for neutral inquiry.)  As we move out of time, as we move out of resistance, we become recipients of a base of information that is all consuming in its expression.  There is order everywhere and something underlies this order. 

It is my belief that our true persona with the most sophisticated nervous system on the planet (assumption on my part) is the most sophisticated throughput device for Innate Intelligence to express itself into this dimension.  And because Innate Intelligence carries the order of so many things beyond the mind and imagination of man, to my way of thinking, the Unknown (intentionally capitalized) delivers everything necessary to keep the Universe running.  I don’t think there is much doubt but that we live in a well-ordered Universe, and once we quit resisting this Order, we will be able to overcome our difficulties as a species and deliver onto this plane something we somehow, deep inside of us, know to be true.  Something deeper than the mind can fathom and for some reason, closer to the surface for some than others.  But that may be simply a product of the amount of trauma we carry (and/or inherited) and thus our defenses against what we don’t know, is still powerfully strong. 

One of my most recent discoveries is that I see Unconditional Love as an ancient technology taught as a means of accessing the Unknown.  Why otherwise, would the concept of Unconditional Love—something still not understood have survived from 2000 years ago?  And clearly one cannot access the Unknown with the mind.  Accessing the Unknown is a full-on thing.  Can’t be a little bit pregnant.  I betcha’ Unconditional Love as a technology for accessing what is beyond access by the mind is very, very (very) old. 

Jagggwarr, really thanking you for your thoughts.
Sending you Love, naturally

What is Unconditional Love?

November 24, 2009

–© 2009 J.Hamilton

Unconditional Love is nonlinear, therefore it is unable to be experienced by the mind.  Further, it is not explainable though it may be glimpsed.  I have been studying nonresistance and Unconditional Love for several years now (documenting my own experiences) and have come to see it as an absolutely defenseless and nonreactionary stance that allows the whole of the Cosmos to become available to us and vice versa.  

I see Unconditional Love as an ancient technology for accessing the Unknown.  Since everything interesting is unknown, this is why Unconditional Love made such an impact in our long distant past for which vestiges of these teachings still remain.  You might consider the modern formula of “nonresistance and the Law of Attraction equal a solutions-orientation.”  This formula comes from 

Imagine the brain attempting to process the world and all of the facts necessary to make a quality decision.  It doesn’t take too much thought to recognize that the brain doesn’t have the horsepower (processing power) to process all of the factors necessary to make a quality decision.  Certainly the unknown is beyond the capabilities of the brain and instead, it shuts down. 

Next, the brain sets up the mind as a repository of habitual, automated and reactionary responses to what it comes up against.  Because the brain is unable to deal with the vast amount of incoming information, i.e., process the possibilities, it instead reacts.  It does this by setting up a defensive posture and becoming resistant.  The only problem with resistance is that we shut ourselves off from something very basic, something every other living and inanimate thing shares and relies on.  I call it Innate Intelligence.

So, in our inability to process the world and all of its possibilities (not to mention the Unknown) we move into resistance and separate ourselves from the backdrop (Innate Intelligence) that the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are entirely reliant on.  This might be termed “separation.”  In resistance, we are also in separation from every other living and inanimate thing.  This is why the human species is so dysfunctional.

The importance of nonresistance is that once we stop resisting and let our old Momentum quiet down, we become able to access Innate Intelligence.  What is interesting about re-enabling this connection is that Innate Guidance becomes available.  Innate Guidance is interesting because it processes the world for us!  Now what’s interesting about this is that as the world becomes processed by Innate Guidance, the brain relaxes, the mind (resistance) starts to fade and the world opens up.  This is the beginning of Unconditional Love. 

Nonresistance is the mechanism by which we become whole because we are able to put our defensive postures and resistance aside which leads to the state of Unconditional Love.  Unconditional Love offers no resistance such that we become able to mesh with the wholeness of life, hence the formula “nonresistance and the Law of Attraction.”  And in this wholeness, we experience the Unknown.  This is when things start getting interesting.  Everything of interest is in the Unknown!  Accessing the Unknown is our next evolutionary step and the mind is going to become understood as useless.

Of course there is a technique for accomplishing this.  Simply to understand that our nervous system (which includes the brain) is out of balance (kind of like dropping a piano); thus our capacity to “receive” is impaired.  By cleaning up the nervous system, engendering a coherent brain and nervous system, and re-enabling our connection with Source, we move to Unconditional Love.  Once Innate Guidance kicks in, we are off and running. 

One of the more interesting aspects of this whole thing is that as we come into alignment with the Cosmos; as we come into alignment with Innate Intelligence and Innate Guidance, we become exponentially more useful to the whole.  Reference Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, or Chapter 9, Intent of Visionaries Thrive In All Times.

It is my belief that we are actually a means by which Innate Intelligence expresses itself into this dimension, no different from any other living or inanimate thing—we simply have a more sophisticated nervous system.  When we discover that the Universe is “solutions-driven,” that we are its most sophisticated outlet, and we allow this connection (nonresistance), we become the most sophisticated “throughput mechanism” on the planet.  Certainly, there are no problems the Unknown can’t handle.  We just have to learn how to do our part.  : )

Sending you Love, naturally

About the author.  J.Hamilton has been meditating for 37+ years and teaching personal empowerment for 18+ years.  His book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times: Blueprint for Reality Creation (2005) is about the possibilities of individual and collective reality creation in alignment with Innate Intelligence.

J.Hamilton has recently released (June 2009) an eBook titled CORE Resonance for the purpose of identifying access to nonresistance and the resultant Innate Guidance that becomes available.  Key words: nonresistance, mindlessness, Innate Guidance, timelessness, solutions and timeliness.  Link

Presently, he is preparing for speaking engagements, in part to introduce CORE Resonance Training.  COREresonance is a means of rapidly bumping consciousness and access to nonresistance so that that we become dramatically more able to contribute to our own unfolding as well as that of the whole. 

J.Hamilton can be reached through his website at, by email at, or by telephone 310 878-2260

the charter for compassion

November 14, 2009