A Response to a Blog about the film, The Secret

2009 copyright J.Hamilton

While I am not necessarily “attracted” to the negative splashy headline, i.e., “The Secret is a Fake,” I do find quite a bit of interesting thought here.  I also recognize that anybody can find what is wrong with something.  In fact, it is quite easy to write a book or write a song about what is wrong.  It’s easy to fight “what’s wrong,” report on “what’s wrong,” and on and on.  A lot of people can resonate with “what’s wrong.” 

But those who catch my attention are the ones who are able to use “The Secret” even in its short-comings to uplift themselves; to better themselves, maybe by no other principal that “out of contrast comes clarity.”  Those who interest me are the ones who can find what is positive and useful in the differing comments.  

For those who don’t understand how starving children in Ethiopia or Africa can be a product of the Law of Attraction, there is a huge misunderstanding about The Law of Attraction in the first place.  While “what you focus on expands” might be a simple “street” definition for The Law of Attraction, a far more astute and accurate definition is, “like attracts like.”  I think The Secret seems to have glossed over this a bit but there is a level of sophistication in “The Secret” for most everybody.  In fact, I have run some COREresonance software training using a DVD, watched the first 30 minutes of The Secret a number of times, and though I have poo-pooed it a bit myself in the past, I can find no real fault with any of it.  Basically what they say is true – and true to a point, as is anything. 

“Like attract like” says if you are born into a family of poverty or a nation of poverty, you are likely going to experience the same thing.  This does not diminish the children; it simply says their environment dictates their surroundings.  What is interesting though, are the ones who escape their environment to become more.  This is often seen in sports figures, artists and occasionally a few political figures.  They aspire for more, dream more, believe more, live more, become more and one day “more” becomes them.  This is the difference between visionaries and observers; this is “like attracts like.”  There is a lot more going on than “just” positive thinking; there is a whole new octave to their thinking that is more powerful than their present circumstance such that their “new” circumstance becomes a match for them.  They live and breathe and embody new thinking until “like attracts like.”  It is also possible that their brains are wired to imagine and visualize (theta frequency) a bit better than others.

 This is also quite true for the wealthiest among us or the differing kinds of vast success some experience.  Their “pedigree” is a product of how they were raised, what they were taught, how they think and a “can do” attitude.  They are a product of their Momentum.  It can also be what they have learned and how they have adapted.  And while vast success can be fueled by greed, etc., their success is ultimately short lived – or they adapt.  Like attracts like.  

“Like attracts like” is within the domain and capacity of anybody, but most don’t have the fortitude, or the excruciating pain to drive them to escape what that don’t want in their lives.  And most are not dreamers enough to let it happen.  It is not that The Law of Attraction doesn’t work; most simply don’t have the fortitude to have more in their lives.  We are a product of our habits: like attracts like.  Our Momentum says it all.  It is true though, the Law of Attraction is a secret, because most do not know how to use it. 

In my most important work, i.e., in my most important research, I have discovered that not only is The Law of Attraction fundamental to everything, there are no laws that supersede it – in fact, I am not sure there are any other Universal Laws.  Used rightly, it will bring everything and anything one wishes and simultaneously be a match for everyone and everything else.  As we evolve though, the quality of what we wish for must keep pace with the quality of the energy we have access to – or as Abraham would say, “summon.”  In other words, by the quality of the question, is the quality of the answer discerned; by the quality of our aspiration do we draw a match for the higher octaves of the Law of Attraction at work, and thus we learn how to contribute in a more useful manner – and exponentially.  

And don’t forget, the Law of Attraction was not introduced as a means of creating sports cars and finding rich wives and husbands – even though this can be true; the mechanism of the Law of Attraction is to facilitate an access and portal to the introduction to Innate Intelligence, the true power (glue) behind everything.  For if anyone has ever sat in an Abraham-Hicks seminar, they might recall that what was actually taught was about the feeling associated with our thoughts/focus such that you might know of the efficacy and trueness of your intention, and your capacity to powerfully “summon” Innate Intelligence.  In other words, The Law of Attraction is actually a mechanism to introduce you to Innate Intelligence, for which you are now on the path of discovering yourself at all new levels of comprehension and usefulness.  

Frankly, I have come to see reality creating as little more than a scorecard for the quality of our connection with Source. [article link]  As order and synchronicity and happenstance begin to grow in our lives; as we become a product of joy and peace and love, we will discover the true essence and meaning of The Law of Attraction.  As we learn to interface with Innate Intelligence, we become an effective and powerful reality creator – and exponentially so.  And our contributions make the world a better place.  This is what the Law of Attraction is truly about. 

While I was hoping to mention that resistance is focus and most of our reality creating is a product of resisting what we don’t want in our lives and thus we go around in circles, I will instead suggest a thought or maybe a formula for this on-going discussion.  “The Law of Attraction and Nonresistance” is the ultimate formula.  In nonresistance, we become a match for what is truly true, i.e., like attracts like.  But this is for another discussion. 

Wishing you well



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